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Originally Posted by Bleedred View Post
Glad there's something I as a Devils fan can agree on with many Rangers fans. I can't stand Bettman, and it has nothing to do with penalizing the Devils for the Kovalchuk contract, and I am not of the opinion that Bettman hates the Devils like some fans are. I hate the fact that he seems to be okay with having the third lockout in 18 years, and only 7 years after we lost a whole season. The first one happening a year after he took over. I saw Henrik say some things about being displeased with it too on twitter. I hope more players get on board with this. I'm not blaming Bettman for every problem, but I feel it's his duty as commissioner to ensure to the fans there will be a full season.
Well like Lundqvist said, Bettman and co. are the ones who got what they wanted during the last lockout...and now they're saying they don't like the way the cba is structured, a design they structured? They look like a bunch of greedy ********. I understand it's a business. I understand you need to make money. But did you ever think about the fans? I find it hysterical how much of a focus Bettman emphasizes on increasing the popularity of the sport since the last lockout, and then he goes out and starts with this ******** again. He's a hypocrite. He doesn't care about us fans. He cares about the owners and what's in their pockets. Maybe the NHL shouldn't have expanded to so many teams. This won't drive away the diehard fans like us. We'll sadly wait through a lockout. But the casual fan that picks up the remote to catch a hockey game is what you lose. And that's where you lose the tv ratings. The merchandise sales of the player t shirts that a casual fan buys such as a Nash t-shirt. It's stupidity on bettman's part.

RB has been saying it for awhile, Bettman and the owners have a **** ton to lose if they don't get the season going and they don't play that winter classic in Michigan.

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