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08-12-2012, 08:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
If you read my question, one of the qualifiers (and the reason I thought to ask the question) was the impact of the new CBA. I personally dislike that the NHL is so willing to shut the doors so quickly on the heels of the CBA it basically wrote last time.

One issue that comes up as well is the effect of a more austere CBA on foreign players who may have other options. I figured Datsyuk wouldn't be the most obvious example, but then I realized he only had two years remaining, and one of these two may be lost to the lockout.
Yeah, not real thrilled with how quickly the NHL was willing to throw a deadline down again, either.

Still, I think Datsyuk's decision won't be vitally linked to whatever happens with the CBA. Partly because I think Holland would find the money to make him happy, if that's what it comes to, but also because I think whether or not Datsyuk stays is just going to be a personal decision and about whether or not he wants to go back to Russia/Europe.

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