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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
There is no sport if there are no fans.

We are the sport. We are the ones who become the players, coaches, refs, and everything else.

Same as any sport.

The only thing we don't become are owners and commissioners. And unfortunately, most owners and commissioners don't have the integrity of the sport at heart. Only how much money they can milk out of the whole thing.

However, i think they are all greedy. Owners, Bettman, and players alike. The whole lot of them.

Im not on the owners side. Im not on the players side.

Im on hockey's side.
Well.......... If we can some how find a way to raise enough money to offer the nhlpa to play for a league we formed we could be owners and commissioner. I have heard the Nhlpa is not going to be under contract...

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