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08-12-2012, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Schnurvel View Post
See, that's the thing - it really isn't as effective as the Finns think. I know that some of them think the Swedes are still bothered by the loss, but we're really not. For us it was a final among many others, we just happened to lose this one. Yes, it was a clear victory for the Finns, and they deserved the gold medal, good on them! They hadn't won a gold medal since '95, so it was about time for another win, and I'm happy for them. The thing is: us Swedes have won so much more than they have - that's a fact - so we're just not bothered when Finns try to taunt us with "6-1", simply because it was just one loss among the wins. I know the loss was against the Finns and everything, and it really did hurt at the time, but now? Nope. Now we just think it's silly that the Finns actually think we still care.
Do you seriously think that someone writing just the two numbers 6 an 1 and as youtube comment is really giving a damn about what you or Sweden as a nation cares? The 6-1 thing is kind of a joke and one form of trolling.

Anyways we all know that losing feels always worse than winning and only a bad loser would deny that. 7 years since Sweden has won anything at adult level though.

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