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Originally Posted by FlyingKostitsyn View Post
I'm not so sure about that. He might have been useful in previous seasons but Darche was over the hill last season. Not completely useless as some would claim but he had too little left in the tank to be an effective energy forward or secondary point producer and not tough enough to provide grit. Moen did not play much on the fourth line, he was mostly a 2nd or 3rd line forward.

Armstrong and Prust are equal or superior to Moen or should be. White is superior to Darche, not as experienced but definitely tougher and much more energic. The third line should be stronger too, we might not have Kostitsyn but Eller is more seasoned.

Our bottom 6 is faster and stronger than it has been in years. I'm sure they can handle tougher assignement. That is of course unless the 4th line is the ''official Gomez shelter line'' once again. Hopefully not.
These guys played higher than the 4th line last year, but that's my point, we're talking about the full healthy lineup in the off season not the day to day one. And last year the full healthy lineup had Moen and Darche as 4th line players. Or one of Desharnais/Eller as 4 line players.

Moen is simply a better player than Prust. Prust at his best is a 3rd line defensive specialist, which is what Moen averages to be. The only advantage he has over Moen is in fisticuffs. He's not even that great of a penalty killer either.

Darche's offensive game fell off but still provided decent defense both 5 on 5 and on the PK, which is basically what we want from Prust. But Prust isn't taking Darche's lineup spot, that's White.

Likewise Armstrong isn't replacing Darche's lineup spot right now, he's taking Kostitsyn's. And he's not nearly as good as AK.

Moen played on the 2-3rd lines but he was the 10th forward on a healthy lineup. Just the lineup was never healthy. Its the same as putting one of Prust, Moen or Armstrong on the 4th line for next year, they'll likely move up due to injuries too.

They may be faster and bigger, but not better. They don't have the depth offense and defense of 2010-11, where they had a strong shutdown unit based around Halpern+Moen and depth offense based around Desharnais+Pouliot/Darche. Or an excellent two way 3rd line like Moen-Eller-Kostitsyn or strong even strength offense from a Kostitsyn-Desharnais-X like they had if healthy in 2011-12. This unit has one good overall player in Eller, a potentially decent player in Armstrong, two defensive specialists (Moen, Prust) and a couple depth guys. Its simply not as good at playing hockey as what they had before in forwards 7-12 in the depth chart.

They're better at hitting, maybe as good or better at playing defense but has none of the depth scoring threat Montreal used to have in its theoretical bottom six.

Remember, compare apples to apples. If you want to compare the current lineup without injuries, use the other starting lineups that didn't have injuries. For this depth forward group to better than previous depth forward groups you have to compare the everyday lineup effected by injuries from the past to the full healthy lineup in place right now.

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