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08-13-2012, 12:42 AM
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To avoid repetition, I'll just issue a few replies.

1 Thanks to all who replied, which I took as constructive and well intended criticism.

2 We agree to disagree. This team was pitiful, emaciated and inept when it came to scoring. Gaborik temporary unavailability aside, the only significant upgrade is with Nash, and a full season of Kreider. That could be enough with the way this team plays, but maybe not. My vote would be for more scoring under certain conditions.

3 Before elaborating, please recognize the true fact that we can not continue to play like we did last year, with excessive emphasis on D first including too much shot blocking. All that blocking + diving catches up with you. It actually did, as we were too exhausted to put away Ottawa early, which led to fail v NJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet you guys want to keep going down that road.
We need to get a more balanced team by adding more offense AND changing the approach, minimizing the risk of injury.

4 As to "more scoring under certain conditions" I am not saying we trade a guy like Del Zotto for some one like Sykora +. I am saying we go all in for talent on the order of McDonagh or Kreider, which drives up the price for a complete sniper with no issues. We recently had a thread on the main board about Marc Staal to the Canes, and it was the consensus from our side we need to add, but only if Skinner comes our way. Skinner is what we hope Stepan will evolve into, but even then there are limitations on his defense and additionally. Kane is strong enough to single handedly force the issue on plays, creating opportunities for linemates when Kane is double covered.

5 Complaint was made as to Kane winding up as a 3LW. There are other possibilities, some which could have Kane or Nash or Kreider playing off wing with Kane on a higher line. But what is completely ignored by my detractors is how much more domination and time of possession Rangers would enjoy with the CUMULATIVE benefit of Kane AND Nash AND Kreider with linemates establishing dominating lines. The first line adds the skills of Richards and Gaborik with the power and skill of Nash, = domination. Ditto the speed of Kreider - Miller (not Stepan) - Callahan = domination. Also as to power = Kane -Rupp/Yogan - Pyatt = domination.

When 3 lines share the weight, aided by a 4th shutdown line, they can wear down offenses, and earn increased time of possession.

6 Of course, to afford that, heavy payment needs come from somewhere. But it can't come from offense, that's trading coke for pepsi. The point is to add to Kreider/McDonagh, not swap them out. Still, I kept our bluest blue chips, creating more cap room to add if we can swing those elusive Ds.

7 It IS IS IS still a net loss on D, but please do acknowledge that adding Martinez/Olsen/Postma/McIlrath IS an improvement to the middle and lower depth of the backline corps.
Consider: many say McDonagh is our best D right now. He stays your 1a. Staal + Girardi were 2 and 3, with MDZ 4th. MDZ is 2nd, but typically leads the second pair to provide L-R balance. So you bump him from 4th to 3rd. I think he makes that promotion, remaining on 2nd pair, without harm to us. So really problem is moving Stralman from 5 to 2; we have enough to handle 4, 5, and 6, even assuming Sauer does not return. If he does, that's your #2.

But Stralman does not have to be our #2 forever. He just has to hold the fort until an opportunity presents itself for an upgrade. It's too much to hope for the Devils Larsson on the cheap because of their $$$ woes. But we can and will get someone. The sky is falling if the Martians suddenly kidnapped Staal + Girardi + Stepan and there is no offset. Getting Kane principally for those 3 is a hell of an offset.

8 In my scenario, it assumes the Jets are a willing partner. Kane is delivered to us with a moderately long deal, 4-6 years, at good numbers, not a bargain, but good numbers. That is an added factor as to cost, which, alleviating risk, is worth it.

9 There is wisdom in not being impulsive. There is value in being careful. But there is also value in taking prudent chances, and being bold. We got lucky with McDonagh and Hagelin, who we couldn't be sure about when they first got here. Since JT Miller would benefit from more experience no matter where he plays this year, you could make the case we'd be lucky if he made the club out of camp. But lucky or not, he may be that good [as to making the club], and please speak to the fact if having made the club already anyway, it would be smart to unify strengths and put Miller with Kreider and Callahan, even if that means Miller bumps up to #2c.

It's just a hunch, but based on how carefully they have held him out of deals, I would not be surprised to see Miller make the club this year.

In the totality of these circumstances, I still say it's a good deal. I'd love to keep Staal or Girardi + substitute a first, but that won't cut it.

Again, thanks to all, and I'll respond to specific posts as time allows to cover what was not covered above.

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