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Originally Posted by Great One View Post
First of all, how can you say Pacioretty has shown a better development than Taylor Hall when both players have pretty similar numbers, with Hall having a better ppg average after playing nearly one full season less than Pacioretty? The only reason Hall may not be as developed as much as Pacioretty at the moment is because Hall is 3 years younger. Secondly, how can Hall, or anyone for that matter, develop a talent of getting injured? For someone who's so struck on Max Pacioretty, you'd think you'd be more understanding that freak injuries happen in this league. Most of Hall's problems has been his shoulder over the past few years. If you followed what was going on with him you'd know that he just had this shoulder surgery repaired which means he shouldn't be having these injuries as frequently as he had in the past or at all for that matter. I'm not saying Hall will be a superstar in this league but I'm willing to bet that by the time he gets as many games under his belt as Pacioretty there'll be no doubt in anyone's mind that Hall will be more of a star of the two.

Just to make matters clear, I'm not trying to say either player is a star at the moment. IMO, and sticking with the topic, Price is the closest thing to a star the Habs have right now. On occasion Price has shown he can truly dominate a game and has proven he got all the talent in the world to become a star in the NHL. If he can show these skills on a more consistent basis there's little doubt in my mind that he can actually become a superstar in this league. Right now players like Subban, Pacioretty and Hall with the Oilers, although have shown tremendous talent so far in their young careers, still have a little ways to come before they become true bona fide stars. They are the potential future stars in the league who still have a lot to prove.
As you said, Hall jumped in this league at 18, on a very young and unexperimented squad with a ton of pressure on the shoulders to be the offensive leader of his team.. In comparison, Tyler Seguin had the chance to develop properly with experimented and talended players to learn from around.. Im not sure thats pretty smart from the Oilers management to bring their kids so young with so little support, thats pretty risky, RNH has been severely injured last year as well, those kids havent finished to grow up yet and are asked to compete against the cream of the cream, men who are playing them very tough.. As for Taylor Hall, with better surrounding. the kid should become one of the best wingers in the league, the kid is an exceptional and as much as I like Paccioretty, Hall is just way more skilled..

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