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Originally Posted by GentlemanMasher View Post
Corsi. LMAO. Man oh man, every kid who doesn't know how to judge actual hockey visually turns into Will Hunting when they need a more complex sounding way to say "this guy I don't watch is better than this guy I don't watch". The stat is a half assed guide, not anything to take seriously. This is the discrepancy though-forums are for everyone to parade their "knowledge" but you can't be knowledgeable about 30 teams and every player. But you want an interesting statistic? Compare the amount of opinions about any individual player vs the amount of times people reply with "I don't know I don't watch him much". I think that ratio should be pretty amusing. And actual on-ice hockey, X's and O's? Yeah, we barely know that either. Hence why we go nuts for stats and half of this board alone lives and dies by them like they're gospel.
Certain things matter. Like "did the puck go in?" and other stuff. But trying to come up with some genius-level catch-all to decide who the best player is just makes you look foolish. As does it for anyone following such an idea.

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