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08-13-2012, 08:08 AM
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Originally Posted by ThePuckBaron View Post
I think if there ever is a team in Markham they will draw crowds that will be MUCH louder and rawkus than the current state of the ACC. Kinda like Winnipeg, there will be a new breed of fans looking to stick it to the Leafs for the years of price gouging and poor results by filling up th Markham arena and blowing the top off of it.
i agree. there are a large number of corporate and old-boys STH at ACC, many of whom schmooze well into the 2nd and 3rd periods before emerging from their sub-platinum suites to bother watching the game. they are spirit killers. filling the lower bowl red-line with $1500 suits just doesn't inspire the working folks above.

like winnipeg, markham would presumably start with an open lottery for all STH. beer drinkers will have just as much chance as those reliant on their favourite sommeliers. folks wouldn't have to wait for uncle harold to die and leave them a pair in his will. yes, you think winnipeg's first standing O was long, just wait for markham's. or better yet, get ready for the hammer's.

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