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Originally Posted by habakkuk View Post
Nice piece on a player I had wrote off as a pick to appease the "francophone" element. It is nice to read he might actually be a hockey player.
One thing stands out for me though. He's quoted as saying he's had contact from Timmons, but he doesn't mention Lapointe, Director of player development or Brisbois. Player development coach. With our dismal record of asset management I had hoped the purpose of hiring these guys was to interact with our prospects, get their heads screwed on right and to maximize their potential with the Habs. I would have expected these guys would be working closely with the prospects but it doesn't come off like that in this article.
"It was a great experience to go to Russia for the first two games, both on and off the ice for what to expect" noted Hudon, who now finds himself fine-tuning some elements of his game on the advice of Canadiens management, including Trevor Timmins, who has kept in touch."

Timmins is just one of a few. And I think it's a bit premature to read too much into Habs developmemt focus based on one sentence in an article that is about one player, and a low draft pick to boot

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