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Originally Posted by PhlyerPhanatic View Post
Fowler didn't play for the 2009 Spitfires that won the 5 OT series against London...but anyways

One player wouldn't have made a difference in that series. That was arguably the best Junior series I've ever witnessed and I've been following the OHL for close to 40 years. A team won that series..not one player.
I have a bit of a problem with with people saying that one player wouldnt have made a difference. One player creates a ripple effect, one that could have gone either way good or bad.

For arguements sake, lets take out Fowler (using Windsor as the example). There is a hole now in the lineup. They fill that hole with "X" player. Does that player have the same skill set? Does that player make that same pivotal decision in one play that could have turned a tide in one game? Does that game alter the series?

In turn, does that player create the same chemistry with his D partner or other players on the ice? What about the chemistry in the dressing room?

There are so many factors one player or one decision make on a team. And for those naming the rest of the roster and that it's not possible, you can not say that. You don't know which player(s) may be traded to acquire "X" player to fill that hole. Maybe other players that stay are asked to do more and can not handle the task.

All's I am saying is that you can not make claims that things would have been the same with any alterations to the roster or its makeup/chemistry.

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