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Originally Posted by Mancini0518 View Post
I think Bolt would have more of a chance than you think. Mostly because of the debt that MU has and their less than stellar IPO. The publicity and revenue that Bolt would bring to the team would be huge even he is only a reserve. I could see it for that reason only
With his speed his first touch will be his only touch.

If he is good with his head... who knows because Man Us players could put it right there for him.

Personally my guess is he's too attrocious for it to work. BUt in a side with such skilled players who will pass him the ball perfectly if his first touches can be "average" when he gets service either on the wings or in the middle he could be OK.

He had a better chance of doing well in a team like Man U than an MLS team.

Also he won't be playing 90 minutes so when he comes on as a sub he'll be all over the pitch and will get back to defend you'll see him given orders to run around like a mad man and he might be able to do it well. Don't underestimate the calibur off athlete compensating for his lack of ability it could keep the embarrassment factor lower than you think.

He probably would be too bad though his marking would suck despite the speed and guys would still go past him and even simple passes he'd screw up. I just wanted to play devils advocate for a little.

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