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08-13-2012, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I did watch the caps actually, and did notice he was unhappy or pissed at times, but how do you turn this into "he's a spoiled brat" and "he was sulking" and then use his point total to further back up this opinion of yours is pretty ridiculous.
The superstar was used for 13-15min at times, and not because he was bad, but because Hunter had a system and he felt other players were better suited for it, especially when holding a lead. So ya, maybe Ovechkin wasn't overly enthused with that, big freaking deal. He didn't express any displeasement in the media, was the same overly excited guy when his team scored or won.
But yes, media folks make it into a story and you ate it right up. Kind of like the Keith Jones analysis of Radulov, where he just cherry picked a handful of bad back checks and conveniently left out the times he actually did back check and also the many offensive opportunities he created.

Ovechkin had good playoffs, you won't win this argument.
This post is typical fanboy excuse making.

As for the bolded do you win an arguement based on pure subjective analysis???? I have my opinion and you have your opinion.

I don't like to debate with people who only see the small picture. It is like playing chess with a the end of the game it will just knock the pieces over, take a dump on the board and walk away thinking it won.

BTW Radulov is also a bum

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