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08-13-2012, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Original Blue View Post
I wanted to post this in here so that I could be sure to get an opinion from anyone that wanted to put in their thoughts.

So just as something to think about as a possible idea...

I don't know about everyone else but I've been thinking that in the event that we go the clean slate route, which as I've said seems to add more problems with handling the confusion of restarting in a fair manner, I would still pursue to do all of my trades. It's not as if I would do anything differently, I would just have to do it again. The main thing is that a committee is installed to keep balance.

SO instead of just restarting clean what if we retroactively allow the chosen committee to go through and veto any of the trades it feels are unfair. This would appease the people that want to keep their teams as well as calm everyone who feels the league is too unbalanced to compete anymore. It also prevents certain teams from getting an advantage in the sense imagine if they made a fair trade, but it didn't pan out for them this season. They now they have the chance to reject it because they can play Monday morning QB...
I like that idea OB, however, there is a problem with it. The problem is, say the committee decided to veto a trade from early in the season. If the team that acquired him then traded him again later in the season, and that trade was deemed fair, then that wouldn't work. If the trade was vetoed in the beginning, it has the potential of screwing up a bunch of trades that occurred later in the season. That would make things very, very complicated.

Not to totally shoot your idea down, but I think that would just make things more complicated. Sorry dude

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