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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
What is IPP?

I wouldn't call PDO an "advanced statistic", I'd call it a new statistic that is very simple and very misleading. It has two components, one of which the individual has much control over and may indicate his skill to a large degree, the other of which he has very little control over (except to prevent high quality shots) and therefore has little to do with his skill. It's like putting sauerkraut and Oreos together and calling it an advanced food.

Look at the shooting %s of Brett Hull or Stamkos. They jumped in their second seasons, but that doesn't mean they didn't improve further a season or two later. Of course such levels are not sustainable for most players over longer periods, but it doesn't mean it was mostly luck.
Players have minimal difference on on ice shooting percentage. On ice shooting % is plenty more luck then skill. Some even suggest it is all luck in the long run.

NJ's PDO was wasted in 2011 by the shooting %, which was top 10 by seasons end this season. NJ was very unlucky with ES sv% during the regular season but look what happened in the playoffs.

PDO is the name of the poster who created the metric and people in the stats comunity dubbed it "PDO".

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