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08-13-2012, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
Komisarek might be the only player in the league whose physical play is actually a detriment. Any time he tries playing physical he starts wildly running around trying to hit people he takes himself completely out of the play and gives the other team lanes and opportunities they wouldn't normally dream of. If he does end up hitting someone successfully it either leads to a PP for the other team or a scrum where he gets his ass beat. Both are demoralizing. I can't remember the last time a hit of his actually intimidated anybody or favorably turned a play.

He'd be much more serviceable if he didn't throw any hits but simply stayed back, blocked shots and cleared pucks well.
Well said. A few months without hockey and people are already forgetting just how bad the guy really is and no system is going to change that (other than hide his defficiencies a little). Once the season starts he'll start getting run out of town again because he's costing his team games, even with the 10-15 minutes he's on the ice.

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