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08-13-2012, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Re: iPhone vs Droid

I've had both and I far preferred the iPhone. My Motorola is a complete piece of crap and waste of money. GPS wouldn't sync properly (now it doesn't work at all), it's always been freezing and slowing way down, I had to buy apps to sync up with my Mac, I had to buy new apps for the home screen and MP3 player because the internal ones were crap, it sometimes locks up when trying to answer the phone...just a pile of crap.

The Droid OS is decent, I could live with it. But if you go Droid, go Samsung. I've had FIVE Motorola phones crap out on me.

My old iPhone 3G was great. Never had any problems. Never froze up, never had GPS issues, never had OS hiccups, just worked great out of the box until I moved to Verizon (they didn't support Apple at the time). I'll add both my parents had iPhone 3's and nobody ever had any issues with them. All of us (family plan) move to Motorola Droid X's and all three of us have had a lot of stupid little problems, usually not as bad as mine, but all three of us are going back to Apple.

But I'm an Apple guy. Been there and done that with tinkering and screwing around trying to tweak PC's and what not and I'd rather get something that works intuitively out of the box and deal with whatever small limitations may exist down the road.
Between chosing Apple or Samsung, it's a win win. You'll be happy with either or.

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