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08-13-2012, 11:35 AM
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I think the -95's match up well against the -94's although it's fairly early to draw conclusions.

Hlinka is on its way, 4-0 early 2nd against the Slovaks. I just hope they don't peak too early this year.

1-0 Crus-Rydberg (Karlsson, Liljendahl)
2-0 Hägg (Fyrpihl, Brodecki)
3-0 Öhman (Bristedt)
4-0 Liljendahl (Henriksson, Cederholm)
4-1 Kasanický (Holenda, Šoltés)
5-1 Burakowsky (De la Rose, Wallmark)
6-1 De la Rose (Wallmark, Burakowsky)
6-2 Lantoši
6-3 Beták
7-3 Henriksson

Found another interesting action according to the "live score" aswell:
30:04 Burakowsky (SWE) får två minuter för utlösning.

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