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08-13-2012, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Basilisk View Post
This might be a make or break year for Gibson. He needs to show massive improvement or face the threat of a "bust" moniker......
Surely you're joking... He was drafted LAST year....... He is a 19 year old kid...... Jonathan Quick was in the ECHL 3 years older than Gibson........

Originally Posted by Basilisk View Post
He's not improving. I keep seeing the word "raw" associated with his game. IMHO, "raw" is just a nice away of saying "the kid's game isn't progressing".

By this time next year, if the word "raw" is STILL associated with Gibson's game, then expect to see the word bust start to be used....
That's just asinine. You are living a fantasy where all prospects dominate every league straight out of the draft... Not everyone can be a first overall pick you know. It is very normal for goalies and defensemen to develop well into their early 20's. Forbort is a raw prospect, doesn't mean he is a bust already. What is this? Make the NHL in two seasons or else you are a bust?...

Raw just means that he has a much higher ceiling, and great tools to work with, but doesn't know how to use them as a pro yet, but he is someone that the development staff can work with easily because he already has the abilities.

There is zero rush to get him to dominate the AHL or something next season, or else tell him he is a career minor leaguer. I don't even know what to say to that... That is like saying if a kid can't graduate a university in two years, then he is obviously a bust and a disappointment and will never amount to anything...


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