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Originally Posted by Ag925 View Post
Could see Big Pads becoming Colorado's #1 next season. Varlamov struggled for much of last season and only excelled down the stretch (20 games) against a weak schedule (only 7 playoff teams in that stretch, going 2-5 in those contests). Varlamov has yet to play well over an entire season.

And ignorance is bliss right? Against a weak schedule? Including teams like NY & NJ? Or teams that were fighting for a playoff spot? They didn't have anything close to a weak schedule down the stretch. It's a pretty weak argument to look at a 20 game stretch. 10 of those final 20 games you speak of were against teams already in the playoff picture or fighting to get in and on the bubble. Which he was .500 against those teams total. The actual playoff picture changed daily... You also realize that 8 of his 24 losses were games where he let in 2 goals or less right? Two of those losses he only let in one goal as well. Our teams offense was nothing short of anemic for most of the season. With that being said he still held a .500 or better win/loss record. I wouldn't even begin to put those games or the season completely on his shoulders.

I guess being young or losing a plane full of your closest friends doesn't effect a player either. Young goalies aren't known for inconsistency and some growing pains are they?

Varlamov also didn't back stop Russia to Gold at the Worlds either? And don't give me the weak tournament argument... If anything playing on larger ice and with weaker defense, scoring is easier and goal-tending is more difficult.

Giguere was a good signing but it wasn't even close to an indication that they expect Varlamov to struggle. Yes Colorado's post season chances probably rest on Varlamov being more consistent over the entire season along with other factors that normally come into play when you have one of the youngest cores/teams in the league.

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