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08-13-2012, 12:47 PM
Simple Jacques
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Last night's game was maybe the first one this season where we did not play well but managed to win nonetheless. Call it scrappy, call it lucky, call it what you will; we'll take it! Watching New England made me realize that the thing we lack the most on our team is an uber-creative player like Nguyen. We have a lot of useful north-south types, but no one with any upper echelon playmaking and dribbling skills. I totally agree that the wing position is the next place to get an upgrade. Neither Mapp nor Arnaud are what you would call stating 11 material.

That said, i feel fairly comfortable with the rest of our team. The defense seems stable and deep. the middle of the pitch players have been good to great all year long. It's really just the wings who failed to be consistent, whether it be with crosses or creating chances, all season long.

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