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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
If it's a strawman it's by your own design. You used that point in the conversation as a segue into teams being interested in Brassard. I'm trying to figure out what you using as a basis for this belief that Brassard would be sought after in FA. I think there would be interest in him as a FA. Many role players have played on elite teams, so that's a meaningless part of the conversation.

His point total really doesn't justify anything, so why was it there? I am simply trying to get clarification.
Let me quote the passage I had an issue with in Cyclone's post:

Originally Posted by Cyclones Rock
Other than Prospal-who is a million years old and winding down a successful career- there wasn't a single forward on the team who would have been on the NHL roster of an elite team, save perhaps Dorsette and MacKenzie who are third/fourth liners.
All I have to do to refute that argument is prove that there are other players on the Jackets 2011-2012 season roster that are capable of playing for an elite team. I used Brassard's 41 point total to make the point that someone capable of putting up those numbers, especially someone on the worst team in the NHL, is certainly capable of playing on an elite team. Maybe he'd be a third liner, maybe he'd be a second liner. Maybe he'd play wing, I don't know. But don't act like someone who puts up 40+ points on a horrible team wouldn't be able to make an elite team's roster. If he was putzing around at 20 points for the last couple of seasons I may agree with Cyclone's evaluation of Brassard. However, just because Brassard plays for Columbus doesn't make him a bad player, and it doesn't mean an elite team couldn't use him or wouldn't want him on their roster.

And the strawman is you misrepresenting my argument. I never said Brassard's point total was "impressive". You acted like that was the point I was trying to make, when it most certainly was not.

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