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08-13-2012, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post
So he should be disciplined for using his own sense of ability and knowing he could beat out the throw and score a run?

Coaches can be wrong. And all three times they have been wrong in this instance. I think the 3rd bases coach obviously doesn't know Ramirezs speed quite as well as Hanley does.

In the future I wouldn't be surprised if in a similar situation we see him waved around.

Mattingly LOVES agressive baseball, and while it urks him maybe a just a tiny bit that Ramirez is constantly running through signs. I can't even imagine Donny disciplining a guy for making a play that helps the team, especially when that play is right up the alley of Mattingly.

After all, you're saying Don Mattingly should punish Ramirez for trying to help the team/helping the team.

I'm sorry my comment was so irresponsible.
By your logic, or lack there of, every player can and should run the stop sign as long as they are all trying to help the team?

It's simple, the players need to listen and obey their coaches. Otherwise, why even bother having them around if the players are going to do whatever they want?

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