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ok never did this...

Name: Gerd

old Userame on HFB: Kirsche

Age: 42

Location: close to Cologne/germany

Current Occupation: IT professional/SAP basis consultant

Sabres Fan Since: hard to say, following the NHL when it came available on tv here, must have been late 80's early 90's, always been a red winds fan too, loved Bob Probert
Sabres started around 93 when I learned all trhe names because of the computer game and of cause the Dominator
when Hecht joined I became really interested and because of the time scedule started only watching eastern conference games

Season Ticket Holder? (Y/N): not

All Time Favorite Sabres: Hasek, Lalala (don't speak french), Hecht, Dannyboy (still no french)

Current Favorite Sabres: Poms, the Hoff

Favorite Sabres Moment: Drury vs Rangers

Sabres Jerseys You Own: none, not the type of guy to buy that kind of stuff online, have to see and feel it and don't know where to get it here

Team You Hate Most: not a hater

Favorite Musical Artists: Tocotronic, Tool, Alice in Chains

Favorite Movies: Slapshot for hockey

Favorite TV Shows/Series: Simpsons

Favorite Books: don't read as much as when I was young, Terry Prachett is nice for entertainment, else it's IT docs

other things I do/like: computer games, chess, cycling, Borussia Dortmund

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