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08-13-2012, 03:27 PM
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Originally Posted by trueblue9441 View Post
to be honest with you, for the job that gary bettman has done for his employers, the owners, he should be paid a hell of a lot more than he does.

think about it. gary bettman gets paid to be the leader of a multi billion dollar corporation. thats not an easy task to do, no matter your feelings towards him.

i am so sick of seeing these selfish whiney players on twitter, especially Brad Richards and Hank tweeting their feelings on this. Last time I checked, Brad Richards made $22 million in a calendar year for playing a game. yes thats right, a game. not leading a multi billion dollar corporation.

the players just look so bad retweeting and tweeting about bettmans salary, they need to realize that they play a friggen game and are way overpaid at that.
Without selfish, whiney players like Brad Richards and Henrik Lundqvist, this game doesn't exist, therefore Gary Bettman is still ****ing up some other multi-billion dollar corporation named the NBA. Without the selfish whiney players, would you still be watching this game? I know some would, but not all and the NHL would crash and burn.

Last time around, the players were making a significant amount more in the percentage of NHL revenues. This time, the gap isn't nearly as wide, and with the owners and Bettman talking about how well the game is prospering financially, there should be no reason for radical changes or the players to keep giving back money.

Would you be happy if you were forced to give back 25% of your salary when you were being told that your job was at a near all-time high in terms economic stimulation? I sure as hell wouldn't.

Don't get me wrong, the players are selfish and greedy too. We've seen it from them before, but in this case, the owners being overly greedy and there's no need for this. They could have just extended the existing CBA and everything could have been fine.

Gary Bettman is not the direct contributor of the on-ice product. When he magically finds the fountain of youth and acquires the skills to be an NHL hockey player, than he can make as much as they do.

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