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08-13-2012, 02:29 PM
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here is the team I assembled from my draft last week....

a very early draft that could work out well for me (sleepers not yet known) or early injuries that can kill me i.e Ryan Matthews...

this is a standard 12 league team with starting 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1 flex (rb/wr only), 1TE, 1k, and 1D

QB-Romo, Tony - drafted 7th round (7th round! steal of my draft!!)

RB Charles, Jamaal - drafted 2nd round - (I have no doubts this guys comes back with a vengeance, Hillis or not!)

RB Mathews, Ryan - drafted 1st round -- (not a huge fan of this pick, but elite rb's were gone)

WR Decker, Eric - drafted 4th round (love this guy, happy to jump up high to get my guy)

WR White, Roddy - drafted 3rd round (I see a nice bounce back year for Roddy)

RB-WR Redman, Isaac - drafted 5th round (tremendous upside here!! Mendenhall might not come back..this is a big value pick)

TE Gresham, Jermaine - drafted 8th round (as I have said already, this years Jimmy Graham!)

DST Texans - drafted 12th round (not a bad defense to get considering people jumped wayyy early on drafting defenses)

K Bailey, Dan - drafted 13th round ( I like his chance to repeat as a top 10 kicker)

Bench (QB) Dalton, Andy - drafted 11th round - (my 2nd favorite QB to get, this kid is gonna be huge this year!)

Bench (RB) Ingram, Mark - drafted 9th round - (not thrilled with the pick, but in the 9th round, this goal line back could be a steal)

Bench (WR) Jeffery, Alshon - drafted 10th round - (I love his upside and how the Bears will use him...rookie WR's are doing well, so why not??)

Bench (WR) Quick, Brian - drafted 14th round - (see above, kid is gonna be the Rams #1 receiver, and I got him round 14...nothing but upside)

Bench (WR) Young, Titus - drafted 6th round --(when I like a player, I jump up to get him, this kid is a legit top player this year..miss him and regret it)

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