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08-13-2012, 02:38 PM
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my team has a lot of homerun swings, but lets be honest, our roster at the draft rarely looks much like what we finish with.

I am a waiver *****, and will jump on guys at the right time... if some of my young guys dont pan out, I am okay knowing there will be guys like Victor Cruz that come out of nowhere and surprise..

if Matthews is healthy, I actually love my running back depth as Matthews, Charles, and Redman is a pretty nice triple threat to use... Ingram is a wildcard, but his goal line play will make him much more valuable then where he gets drafted..only concern is his health...but as I said, in round 9 I like the pick considering Kevin Smith my target was picked right before him...and that was before all the Best news..

I love my 2 qb's of Romo and Dalton...both guys have solid weapons to throw to and both teams throw a lot....Dalton could be a sophmore slump candidate, but with A.J Green and Gresham there I think he has talent to got him in round 11!! I dont draft a QB until round 7, and I come out with 2 potential top 14 QB's in Romo and Dalton...I love that strategy..

My receivers are solid, but nothing spectacular yet as both Jeffrey and Quick have a lot to prove as rookies...but if these 2 can be anything like Jones and Green were last year I hit the jackpot!! I dont think they will be, but I do see them as solid WR3 type of players...

Titus Young and Eric Decker were 2 of my main early targets and I got them both. I missed out on Torrey Smith and Antonio Brown, but you cant get them all... Young is going to have a big year as Megatron will have to share some of that love...and Decker will be Manning's favorite receiver by week it...

as I said this team is solid, not elite, but I did pick 8th out of 12, so I think I did okay with where I picked...if my young guys pan out..look out baby!!

I did screw myself a bit as I have 4 starters on week 7 bye!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh!! I loved certain guys and didnt care about the bye week so I got the guys I wanted and will deal with bye week hell when it comes...

two more drafts to go for on the 18th and my own 10 team league on the 25th...things will change bigtime by then with players, injuries, and younger guys emerging.

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