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08-13-2012, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Frk It View Post
I'm interested to see how the voting goes for the remaining defensemen after Sproul and Jensen go off the board, assuming they are the 2 next to go.

Just curious, who do people think is the better prospect between Lashoff and Nicastro? I'd say they probably project to be a similar player as a pro, assuming they make it.
Not trying to poke at Sarcastro who has asked for I think 3 or 4 rounds to add Lashoff, but I will take the upside of Nicastro still. We will learn a lot about him in Grand Rapids this year, but it would seem he is a different player than we drafted. He sounds like a big physical mean stay at home d-man now, that has a good first pass and skates well because that is why he was projected to be a scorer. Some of the best stay at home d-man in the league were originally thought to have offense, it just never came. Orpik, Stuart, Volchenkov, Scuderi, Mitchell. Those guys all had offensive promise so to speak it just didn't materialize and they took their skills and worked them into a defensive strength.

Lashoff was hurt most of last year. I am just not a big believer, I think he plays well at times when I watch Grand Rapids, but I remain very skeptical that he will be an NHL type. I am sure he will get a look, but I just don't think he is very good. He struggles when teams really forecheck, he can give away the puck too easily and for a big guy he isn't physical enough in my opinion. He is a very poor mans Big E, with less size, less physical presence and less talent. I hope he can prove me wrong but I don't see it and a lot of what concerns me about him is I don't see it when I watch. This isn't picking up George Malik's scouting report on the kid, it is 90% of the time I watch him I have trouble seeing him as a good contributor. NHL player on a terrible team maybe, 7th or 8th D-man probably. That or he becomes an AHL captain that somehow never gets a chance while being good on that level like Nolan Yonkman.

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