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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
Well actually CCCC is D this summer, as they just merged a bunch of the bottom CCC teams and D teams and for some reason decided to create a new division instead of just calling it D. At the moment, I think CCC, CCCC and DD are pretty much the same, but the summer seasons are always a bit strange. It'll be interesting to see if it continues that way over the winter when teams have more of their regular players back.
That was pretty much my point. Most D teams were merged into the CCCC league. My team was pretty awful in CCC last year, so we moved into the CCCC league this summer, which is arguably more competitive

I play in DD and CCCC, and IMO DD is definitely not as ringer filled as CCCC. My DD team is very good in DD, but would be middle of the pack in CCCC. I can hang with pretty much anybody in DD, but there are some very quality A league players in the CCCC league.

Originally Posted by Trojan35 View Post
It's a scheduling thing based on what days people play. There are a *ton* of DD-5E (especially 4D) teams right now taking up all the sunday/monday games, so they needed more teams in the C+ divisions for the Fri/Sat ice times.
This was pretty much my understanding of it as well. Many people like the schedule for the D league compared to higher leagues.

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