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08-13-2012, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Ogopogo View Post
Supply and demand. 100,000 of something isn't really that much when 1,000,000 people want it. That is why the value stays high.

Modern gimmick rookie cards lose value over time because there might be 10,000 in circulation but three years later only 1,000 people really want them enough to pay gimmick prices.
That was true...15 years ago.

Now that the escalation has slowed down and it's mainly Upper Deck and one other company with a smaller market base, it's no longer true.

For example, SP Authentic's autographed Future Watch RCs have stayed at the /999 quantity for nearly 10 years now and the cards hold their value overall. Individual prices may go down as player performance declines or better players emerge. Kind of like how Tom Barrasso RCs are worth just a couple bucks.

But having a card with an on-card signature of a great player, those cards don't go down much, especially rookie year signatures.

I know you have your own personal agenda here but the facts don't support your case. The era of 90s escalation where each year the manufacturers made cards across the board artificially rarer and rarer thus making each previous years' cards worth less and less is long over.

Heck even those 90s cards, especially the toughest ones, have rebounded in value.

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