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Originally Posted by CM Lundqvist View Post
NHL overexpanded into markets that couldn't function properly, Bettman is to blame for this. He should have been able to see that without a player like Gretzky who was marketable beyond anything that he couldn't sustain interest in markets dominated by other sports in climates that don't support a sport played in cold weather. The Atlanta Flames didn't work, what made Bettman think the Thrashers would thrive there? Columbus has a good fanbase, but has terrible ownership and front office management. They COULD be a very good franchise if ran properly.

Florida, Atlanta, Phoenix, Nashville. These are poorly run teams who don't make great money because they're in piss poor markets with mediocre ownership. Tampa Bay has had better ownership and managament. Smarter hockey minds need to be at the front of these organizations for them to sustain themselves.

Key words there... "SUSTAIN THEMSELVES". Stop holding onto teams who are dragging this league down.

Why should the players have to give back because of upper management incompetence? Why should the players who were offered these contracts BY THE OWNERS have to give back because of their greed?

It's one giant joke.

No Bettman is not to blame for over-expansion. The NHL was over-expanded long before Bettman came along. The other owners are to blame because they get to collect an expansion fee which they gladly pocket, forgetting that in a few years they have to bail the same owners out.

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