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08-13-2012, 07:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Robb_K View Post
After a LOT of agonizing, I reluctantly voted for Fairchild here, ever-so-slightly ahead of Phil McRae. I am loathe to do such a thing, because I know that the complete well-rounded development of a defenceman is much more critical to a team than is that of a forward. Fairchild is really no closer to winning a regular NHL defensive shift position than McRae is to winning a Top 9 forward line position.

And, although both of their games have several holes, that if filled, each will have good all-around games, I went with Fairchild, due to his upside as an offensive defenceman. IF (and that's a VERY big if) Fairchild can gain a lot of strength, learn positioning well, improve his defensive awareness and add a lot more physicality and some more "toughness" to his game, he'd be worth more as a high-quality 2-way D-man, than McRae would, even as a 50-60 point 2nd line centre (should he progress that far). So Fairchild wins by a hair, based on greater upside potential value (despite the higher risk of his reaching that level).
Not a fan of smallish defensemen? +/- is pretty good for someone not to at least be in the right place to make or break up a play. You have probably seen him far more than I have... Is the +/- stat for him just lucky? He obviously isn't a bruiser. His offensive numbers are...ok. They didn't score much

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