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08-13-2012, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by MetalheadPenguinsFan View Post
Which ones are those?
Any iconic card like the old Pinnacle Masks Dufex cards are still good...they were one per three cases.

But any of the super rare cards, especially Upper Deck, are still worth money. For example the 90s Hart Hopefuls die cut parallel /100, all of those cards are worth $50 for junk players and couple hundred for top guys. There's a thread on the hockey card forum I'm on where guys are tracking those...the Messier (NYR) sold for $90 and a Lindros for $120 before shipping costs.

There are cards /100 being made today. I have a SP Authentic Limited Mark Messier from a few years back. I'd be happy to get $9 for it let alone $90.

If you try to buy any of the top inserts, much rarer than 1 per case, those are all still good money and often sell for double or triple Beckett. For example, the Stanley Cup Hologram, Hull Heroes auto, Bobby Orr Score auto, Patrick Roy Pro Set meneur auto, etc.

Now that the boys of the 90s have grown up and have good paying jobs, they're going back and buying the cards they could only dream of opening then. I'm one of those guys.

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