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08-13-2012, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Andrei View Post
Perhaps you can explain how a team with four superstar players and "good depth players" finished 26 points behind a pathetic roster like Calgary's, and in the bottom two of the entire league for the third season in a row? Clearly they are missing something, no? And even if they improve (and they likely will), are they going to improve 26 points in the standings? And even if they do, and the Flames remain stagnant, that will only bring the Oilers up to the level of the "pathetic" Flames.
Yes, Edmonton last year was terrible, but they have the players that are going to make them a very good team soon.

Yes, but even with one of the best first lines in the league, and their very good young players, they still finished ten points behind the Flames last season. What have they done to pull themselves up from sub-pathetic so that they can join the Flames as just pathetic?
Anaheims quality players are much younger than Calgarys. If Calgary is missing the playoffs the past couple of years with the roster they have, then they have nowhere to go but down in the future.

Eleven goal, 15 assist Brendan Morrow is star power but 26 goal, 22 assist Curtis Glencross is average and a dime a dozen? Also, Loui Eriksson, who I love, outscored a washed up Jarome Iginla by four points (and scored six less goals.) To me, these rosters are very comparable, talent-wise, and I'm not at all surprised that they finished last season within one point of each other.
I never said Iginla was washed up, in fact, I included him in the list of quality players for obvious reasons. Same reason I included Morrow who is also getting older.
So they have a handful of good players, a handful of average players, and then some plugs? How is that any different than the Flames' roster, except that the Habs' collection of good players, average players, and plugs, finished last season with 12 less points than the Flames' collection.
Montreal and Dallas were 2 teams that I had a hard time saying were better than Calgary. So okay, I'll give you Columbus and say Montreal and Dallas are comparable.

How do you have so little doubt about the future? Again, finished 11 points behind the pathetic Calgary Flames.
I'm assuming this is NYI, and because winners always find a way to win. Tavares is a winner. So what if they finished 11 points behind Calgary last yer, When Calgarys main player is mid 30's and NYI's main player is early 20's, Calgary should be ahead of them in the standings for the time being.

How is a 21 year old Kadri, who managed to crack the Leafs' roster for all of 21 games last season, a "much better" prospect than 22 year old Brodie, who played 54 games as a defenceman for the Flames (and, as an aside, scored twice as many points)? And what makes the Leafs' handful of good players so much better than the Flames' handful of good players? And if they are so much better, why did they finish ten points behind the pathetic Flames last season?
Maybe they weren't so much better last year but I'm not talking about last year. I'm talking about next year and future years when Iginla, Kipprusoff. Cammallerri, etc, are past their primes and it's at this point (maybe a couple years) where Torontos younger star players like Kessel, Gardiner, Reimer, Kadri will put them past Calgary in the standings. Calgary doesn't have a Kessel type player coming up, they don't have a Gardiner, and they don't have a Reimer.

Evander Kane is what Iginla used to be? Evander Kane, who in his best season ever (last season), was outscored by ten points by a washed up Jarome Iginla. I presume you mean that Evander Kane is what Iginla was in the first few years of his career, a young player struggling to establish himself as a star in the NHL. You can't possibly mean that Evander Kane has already established himself as a player even remotely close to Jarome Iginla of 2011-12, let alone Jarome Iginla of 2010-11, let alone Jarome Iginla of his Rocket Richard-winning prime.

Yes, this is what I mean and again, I'm not talking about last year, I'm talking about next year and forward, Kane will be passing Iginla soon.

Of course you should include St. Louis and Lecavalier. Why on earth wouldn't you? And you haven't really explained why Tampa Bay, who finished six points behind the Flames last season, are definitely in better shape than Calgary, except for a playoff run two years ago.

They are in better shape because they have the purest goal scorer in the NHL and he's what, 22? What does Calgary have to compare to that? Him alone makes them in better shape going forward. They have Hedman who could potentially be in the running for a couple of norris'. Their offense is better and their defense is better.

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