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08-13-2012, 08:37 PM
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Who are your big sleepers for the year??

nobody likes to talk about their sleepers, but its not like any of us are going to be on the same why the heck not???

I have a solid list of sleepers that I have listed in other threads, but I will list a few of my favorites for this year...

Andy Dalton -qb -- he might not be a sleeper in terms of coming out of nowhere, but I doubt people rate this kid as high as I and a few others do judging by his ADP. This kid is going to be a borderline top 12 qb, and knowing you can land him in round 9-11 he is a huge pickup to help you through bye weeks or heck even start.

Jermaine Gresham - TE - Like Dalton, I think Cincy has a lot of positives going for them. Dalton is a more then capable qb who knows how to hit his top targets. Gresham is a physical beast in the mold of Jimmy Graham. Gruden has already stated that they are going to go to Gresham a ton this year as he will line up at wideout a bunch this year. This is the 2012-13 version of Jimmy Graham imo.

Titus Young - WR -- I really like this kid hitting 1,000 yards and minimum 7 td's this year. knowing you can snag him in rounds 7-9 is amazing. Megatron is going to draw a ton of heat leaving this kid open in a pass heavy offense. If you miss out on this kid you will regret it.

Eric Decker - WR -- not much else to say about Peyton Manning's favorite target already. Thomas will get drafted higher because he is a more "sexy" pick, but Decker has all the makings of a 1,000 yard plus receiver who has size and ability to approach double digit td's..

Antonio Brown - WR -- With or without Wallace, this guy is going to have a big year. I fear the big contract he got, but he has a solid head on his shoulders and is working his ass off in preseason. He will come close to 1,200 yards, lets just hope he gets more then 2 td's.

Torrey Smith - WR -- Love this kid and his deep ball ability. Flacco is not my favorite arm in the league, but he will do more then enough to get the ball to Smith who is clearly the #1 in Baltimore. Dont be fooled and pick up Boldin before Smith, you will regret it.

Ryan Williams - RB -- forget about Beanie Wells. the writing is on the wall, his workload will be reduced, and this kid will have a big role with the Cardinals. He was drafted very high for a reason, and Beanie is beyond brittle so this kid will be the starter by week 6 if not sooner.

Jake Locker - QB -- I am not sure if Locker wins out the qb battle right away, but the aging Hassleback will only go so far this year. Locker has a cannon and amazing size, he will be the starter by mid year if he doesnt win it outright. If you can stash him on your bench, do it,you wont regret.

Steven Ridley - RB -- he might be on everyones radar, but he isnt getting drafted anywhere near where he should be. I understand how tough it is to gauge running backs in New England, but this kid has 3 down ability and is explossive, something BGE was not. Ridley will get goaline duty making him a very solid #2/3 running back that has been getting drafted in round 7-9.

thats just a few off the top of my head, lets see what you all got!

EDIT: Forgot a few more

Jon Baldwin -WR -- I loved this kid before Bowe went on his strike, love him so much more if Bowe holds out for a bit. This kid is 6'4 225 with amazing athletic ability. He is clearly ahead of Breaston now for #2, but if his attitude is right and his head is on straight, this kid could be a star in the league. Yes Cassel is throwing him the ball, but there are a lot worse qb's then Cassel imo.. I got Baldwin in my league in the 16th round...people are sleeping at the wheel on him bigtime.

Brian Quick - WR -- this kid has the very likely chance to be the Rams #1 starter from the get go...that might not strike fear in opponents yet, but I expect a very solid year from Bradford with Quick being the main beneficiary. 800 yards plus 6-8 td's isnt out of question for a kid that is going undrafted in a lot of leagues. Rookie receivers have done pretty darn well of late, I see Quick doing just fine.

Mark Ingram - RB -- kind of funny to call my last years round 4 pick a sleeper, but he really could be this year. He is the goaline back on a great offensive team. If he can stay healthy I know he will get more YPC then last year. Has to compete with Sproles and Thomas, but there is room for this kid to do well. I landed him in round 9, solid value for him.

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