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04-27-2006, 08:45 PM
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Moore, 2nd star, Holt the 1st.
I only got to see the 3rd period where the Pack were probably trying to play defensive and didn't score any goals, so bear with me.

Jessiman had it seemed one shift the entire game, but he had some decent speed coming thorugh the zone. Working on his skating I hope. Also through a slight hit. Gotta make the least of his minimum time.

Korpikoski's line didn't really do much but he's got some burners and did a good job forechecking. He was quite the pesterer.

Dawes we all know about. I didn't like a play where he circled around into the Pack zone and then almost lost the puck by falling. Also on his empty net chance he had a man(Lee Fard ) open who would've had an easy shot but instead he cut wide on his man. Drew a penalty which was great, but I thought the smarter play might've been to pass it. High expectations leads to high scrutiny.

Dubi is an awesome faceoff guy. I saw him take 4 or 5 draws, and he only lost one of them. You can see he's playing his 4th AHL game in certain aspects of the game, especially along the boards. At he times he would just pass the puck too softly, or once in the corners didn't buckle down hard enough and got pushed off the puck. this'll come with time I'm sure.

Staal played steadily, and made a nice play towards the end of the game, when a Monarch broke in with a head of steam, and one hand poke checked the puck away.

The Fort played really well for someone who hasn't played in weeks and gave up 7 goals his last start. What impressed me were his stops through traffic. I wish we could see replays to know how many 'wide' shots he actually got a piece of. I'm sure there were a bunch.

On the whole, the Pack were being pressed into their own zone in the 3rd. Very often they'd win a defensive draw, or win a boards battle, just to have a Monarch forechecker be in their face again. They were really being hemmed in. But they weathered the storm and seemed to play better very late in the 3rd.

Anyone notice how rediculous that last Pack PP was? It was basically all rushes, for both teams. Then at the end of it almost seemed like the Monarchs were on the PP.

The Monarchs were in the Pack zone for long stretches, but it seemed that the Pack had just as many goodf scoring chances. Monarchs were forechecking hard and the Pack had a little trouble with that. All in all a HUGE win for the Pack, looking forward to Satruday night.

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