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08-13-2012, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by iRep TheWingedWheel View Post
I have a few guys in mind but I wanna see how the next 2 pre-season games shape out with depth charts and injuries before I settle on them.

All the rankings have seen have T.Smith too high to be considered a sleeper, IMO. Same goes for Antonio Brown.

I also think Stevan Ridley will be that sleeper everyone knows about and will go too high for my liking. I'm also very scared about how Belichick is with RBs. I'm not opposed to taking him though.
I havent seen a single draft where Torrey Smith has gone before round 5... kid has 1,000 potential and 8-10 td's...that is a sleeper as he is going later then what his production will be...people are still taking Boldin ahead of him in many leagues..

I think the term sleeper is subjective to the beholder, but for me, a sleeper doesnt have to be a round 14 pick....I have had plenty of sleepers in round 5-10...when you have a feeling that a player is going to perform better than his ADP just like Torrey, you jump up and grab him. Same for Antonio Brown who is still being drafted lower then he should be.

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