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Originally Posted by Go For It View Post
Standard 12 team Yahoo League.

Rd. 1 Pick 2 - LeSean McCoy - RB

Ray Rice went first. Was debating between McCoy and Rodgers, but Eagles fan and preference of RB over QB first resulted in McCoy.

Rd. 2 Pick 9 - Marshawn Lynch - RB

Best value available. Not many great options for this pick.

Rd. 3 Pick 2 - Andre Johnson - WR

It was between Johnson and Jennings. Jennings was the safer pick, but it's hard to pass up what top-end Johnson can do in the 3rd round.

Rd. 4 Pick 9 - Marques Colston - WR

Another value pick. No QB's available.

Rd. 5 Pick 2 - Eli Manning - QB

Best QB available. Was between him and Peyton.

Rd. 6 Pick 9 - Beanie Wells - RB

Another tough pick. There weren't any no-brainers. Figured with the QB trouble in Arizona they'll have to run.

Rd. 7 Pick 2 - Jason Witten - TE

Value pick. Needed a TE and no other players of his caliber at other positions available.

Rd. 8 Pick 9 - Reggie Wayne - WR

It was between him and Heyward-Bey. Went with old reliable Reggie Wayne.

Rd. 9 Pick 2 - Darrius Heyward-Bey - WR

Still available, so I picked him.

Rd. 10 Pick 9 - Brandon Pettigrew - TE

Accident pick. Didn't mean to pick him.

Rd. 11 Pick 2 - Malcom Floyd - WR


Rd. 12 Pick 9 - Andy Dalton - QB

Wanted to snag a reliable back-up QB.

Rd. 13 Pick 2 - Brent Celek - TE

Eagles favoritism pick. I think he's going to have a good year.

Rd. 14 Pick 9 - Cincinnati - D/ST

Another projection pick.

Rd. 15 Pick 2 - Jason Hanson - K

Run-of-the-mill kicker.

Rd. 16 Pick 9 - TIM TEBOW - GOD

He's a winner.
surprised you went with shady over Foster?? what made that decision for conerns?

great pick with Andre Johnson in the third round, he is a top 3 receiver that has everyone scared of taking him (myself included), but if he does stay remotely healthy, he could be one of the biggest steals of the draft

Colston has been one of the most consistent receivers in the game, I never understand why he gets picked so low (had injury issues in the past I guess), but when he plays, he is extremely consistent.

question for your round 6 pick Beanie, was Kevin Smith off the board when you took him? I am curious to see where Smith is landing now, knowing he will be the Lions starter for at least 2-3 games. If Smith was on the board, I would snag him up over Beanie, or the other guy in that Arizona backfield Ryan Williams as both will be starters while Beanie imo will sit the bench/fight for time a lot by mid year.

love your round 8 & 12 picks....huge value there in both Wayne and Dalton. Funny how far Reggie Wayne has dropped, but at round nine is just insane! Dude almost had 1,000 yards with Curtis ****ing Painter....I will reiterate that..Curtis ****ing Painter!!

Dalton is the man, and no I dont me Dalton from the movie Road House....Andy Dalton is going to be a gem, anyone that lands him as their number 2 will have nothing but confidence incase their starter gets hurt.

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