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08-13-2012, 11:47 PM
Master Radishes
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Wow, there are a lot of Victorians (and Islanders in general) here. Or maybe they're just the chatty ones.

Hi. None of you know me.

That's because I'm a dedicated lurker. I've been lurking on HFboards for a couple years, finally made an account at some point, and now post about once a month. My plan is to continue doing that until my post count is high enough to be respectable, and then everyone will be all "WHO IS THIS AND WHERE DID HE COME FROM" and it'll be fun. And then I might start posting more regularly.

Raised in Nanaimo, moved to Victoria for university a few years ago. Just graduated from UVic as a History major (yay, useless degree!) and will be entering the Education program next month. I love Victoria enough to give it as my hometown when asked, rather than Nanaimo. Unless it's to other Victorians, because then I'll be found out as a fraud.

Been following the Canucks since the mid 90s. I was raised on that late 90s mediocrity, so I never take for granted the team's success. I grow too attached to every player, cherish every game I get to attend (I went to TWO last year!!!), and kill time at bus stops by daydreaming exactly how this year's Cup-winning playoff run will go down. (I'm thinking rematches vs the Kings and Hawks are in order, but I'm not picky who the Eastern opponent is.)

I like dorky things but not geeky things. I enjoy holding unpopular opinions, but dislike arguments. My brain contains a mountain of useless geography trivia but can't quite master the art of short-term memory. I find the taste of alcohol overrated and prefer a bottle of gourmet pop any day of the week.

My next post on HFboards is scheduled for: Sept 13, give or take a week.

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