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08-14-2012, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Atoz View Post
No Bettman is not to blame for over-expansion. The NHL was over-expanded long before Bettman came along. The other owners are to blame because they get to collect an expansion fee which they gladly pocket, forgetting that in a few years they have to bail the same owners out.
Bettman brought in Phoenix, Carolina, Nashville, Atlanta and Columbus. Five teams in terrible markets that had NO APPEAL to hockey. Columbus was the only one that's caught on with a decent fanbase, yet their management is just as incompetent as the others.

Tampa Bay was the work of a previous commissioner and Bettman took over right around the time that Florida and Anaheim came into the league.

Originally Posted by trueblue9441 View Post
revenue sharing is needed. its better for the league as a whole. are you blind enough to really think the players would go for contraction and losing 50 NHL jobs? no they wouldn't, so the next best solution to help those teams out and keep the jobs is revenue sharing. it can and would work. i guarantee if there was a better revenue sharing program in place, the players would take a percentage revenue cut.
Revenue Sharing only helps poor teams that are in markets that CAN'T SUSTAIN THEMSELVES.

Stop catering to the weak and get rid of them. It's not Dolan's responsibility to support Phoenix. If the NHL wants to do so, let them do it like they're doing now.

bettman is a joke? im sorry but he does his job well. he's getting what the owners want. if anyones a joke, its the people who employ him, the owners. he's just doing his job. im so sick of people blaming bettman for everything. he's not the entire problem!!!!! its the owners who pay him to get what they want that is!!!!! get that thru your thick skulls everyone!
I've been saying Bettman is a joke for years, this is not a new issue.

and as far as the players/owners making the NHL thing, they're wouldnt be a league without both parties doing what they do. they're wouldn't be as successful of a league if it wasnt for the rich owners and their investments and they're wouldnt be a league without the talented players. lets be real
All I'm saying is that no one is going to watch a game of a bunch of average joes playing hockey.

Both sides are important, but something tells me the players have a slight edge in importance.

Without the Rangers, MSG loses arguably it's biggest money maker. If no one watches the Rangers, the network suffers. How many people would unsubscribe if MSG lost the Rangers? Dolan would be SCREWED.

It's not bad enough that Fios is starting to branch out all over Long Island and in other areas of NY, it would give unhappy IO customers just another reason to switch to Fios, especially now that Fios has MSG in HD.

The players could go get paid overseas. Sure, it might not be as much as the NHL, but they'd all find a way to get paid.

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