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08-14-2012, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by DatBoyJPP View Post
I've got another story but I'll share it tomoree in the new thread
Originally Posted by DatBoyJPP View Post
I'll even post a picture with it
I don't know if I should be intrigued... or worried. As long as I'm not the story, I'm intrigued. But if I'm the picture... to be determined.

Originally Posted by Queensdevil View Post
Let's play a fun game!

Heck announces attendance for a mid week day game where it was a ghost town as 15k.

Friday was announced at 15k.

Lol I wonder who was the one inflating the numbers...
Technically the announced attendance figure was always the number of tickets distributed. He didn't inflate anything (technically). Where he sucked is by distributing a crap ton of tickets (for free) and not being able to generate a remotely respectable paid attendance. So the attendance isn't a lie per se.

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