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Originally Posted by ZZamboni View Post
To many moving parts ... Like duh

Strip it down to 2 teams, and no more than 4 players. The amount of trades that have happened where more than 4 players were moved is very very very low.
It's actually just two trades he made into one, neither deal is dependant on the other.

Edmonton Buffalo




I think this deal has a reasonable number of players involved




This deal is basically two 3 for 1 deals, and for players as good as Getzlaf and Ryan that's the kind of deals Anaheim would get on the market. Buffalo is sending 6 significant players for 2 elite ones, sounds about right to me.

Picks and prospects are starred just so it's easy to see that Anaheim only nets one extra roster player, Edmonton gets one for one, and Buffalo only loses a net of one full time roster player. I don't see how this makes it hard for them to ice a team, or the depth is too much for Anaheim to handle. IMO if any teams overpays it's Buffalo. Of course i don't think Getzlaf gets moved unless they can't get him signed so that reduces his value. I think both these deals are competitive offers on the open market.

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