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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Umm this is just plain wrong. Luongo was the Canucks playoff MVP in 2011. He also faced the most pressure of any goalie when he started the gold medal game on home ice, in his home building, and he won. The mantra that he sucks under pressure is complete ********.

Luongo gets the Brodeur spot as number 1 to start the tournament, unless Price can snatch it from him through dominant play.
Luongo's problem is that he's very inconsistent; like someone has already said, he alternates between brilliant and terrible play almost on a game-by-game basis, which could kill us in the sudden-death Olympic medal round. I'm not really sure where his confidence is at, these days, but he has some time to turn it around. However, if he ends up in a place like Florida he might not have an opportunity to take a team deep into the playoffs, which is what he really needs to solidify his position in Hockey Canada's view, IMO.

If I were asked to sum up his performance in Vancouver in 2010 in one word, that word would be "adequate". Upon taking over for Brodeur after the U.S. round robin fiasco, he didn't need to do much in either the Germany or Russia games, played really good in the Slovakian semi-final, then looked a bit shaky in the gold medal game. We should have won that game 2-0 IMO.

All that being said, unless Smith or Holtby continue their play from the 2012 playoffs (neither one of those guys really has the pedigree or history to suggest that they're elite goaltenders, and I'll presume that at least one of them falls back to earth between now and December 2013), we're left with Luongo, Ward, Fleury, Smith/Holtby and Price battling it out for 3 goaltending spots. That's a pretty weak field for us, for sure, and our best case is that Price steps it up and grabs the #1 spot this upcoming year and next. Still, even in that realistic scenario Luongo would be a good pick as either the backup or the #3 given his international experience and the chance that you'll get a really good game from him if the #1 falters or gets hurt (like in the 2004 World Cup vs. Czech Rep.). I just don't want us to go in as our starter - I think we'd be in trouble.

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