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08-14-2012, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Symon Asher View Post
It is tough for any buisness to survive by paying 57% of revenues for Direct Labor.
Add to that all of the Overhead it is almost impossible to make any money.
Vancouver a profitable franchise made 10million. Big deal. Assuming that franchise is worth 200m that's a 5% return. Very few people would invest 200m for a possible5% return.
It's nuts for an y owner having to spend 5m for a washed up vet to meet the floor
Bottom line players are making way too much money for the revenues generated.
The main difference between sports and "any business" is that the employee's are actually the product that the business is selling .

You do not buy a sports franchise like you would any other business, they're a status symbol if anything. Unless you own one of the very few sports teams (Yankees, many NFL teams, maybe the Leafs) your not making a substantial amount of profit compared to you investment. Why do you think so many sports franchises are linked to the real estate and other venues when they're being bought and sold? Because sports teams don't make much profit at all.

It's obvious I don't support the owners at all this time around... I don't know how anyone honestly can buy any of the crap Bettman is selling us this time. Everyone bought into their system, one that we lost a season to make happen and now it's not viable... Are you kidding me? Can you imagine a politician running on the card of "My last plan didn't work but trust me it will work this time around!" Give me a break.

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