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Originally Posted by Hollywood3 View Post

It will be interesting to see just what the NHL owners do. They cannot be on the same page. They could have extended the current arrangement which is fine for most teams. Just a few stupid owners giving long-term deals which make no sense mess thing up. But their teams will pay in the end with reduced cap space.

There are a few teams who cannot meet the salary floor. Since the salary floor was fine for them after the lockout it is evident the problem is that increasing revenues have not accrued evenly throughout the league. In other words, the rich have gotten richer. The teams that came out of the lockout profitable even when operating at the upper limit of the salary cap are therefore even more profitable now.

What impact does this have? The league's wealthier teams are able to do more revenue sharing than they were in 2005. Expect the NHLPA to demonstrate this in their counter-proposal.
You make some good points, in line with my own views. Parity is good for ML sports overall, though it penalizes the very wealthy. Bettman knows this and will get a deal with increased revenue sharing, some of which will come from the rich teams, but most of which will come from the PA. I have no problem with this, as the PAs % of revenues can drop to the low 50s and still keep them in line with other pro sports. The rich owners can trumpet the fact that they've thrown in their 2 cents (which is what it'll feel like to them) and still walk away with big profits. Good for them, they take the big risks.
In the end, this will be good for the Jets, as they are in the middle of the pack. It'll give them down-side protection and, by narrowing the range, make it easier to reach the top. I am being patient and optimistic, even if we miss part of the season. This is where TNSE's behind-the-scenes business acumen and team building talent can really help the league overall and the Jets in particular.

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