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08-14-2012, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
How did he sign the offer sheet (exhibit 6 of the CBA, page 266) and not know the dollar amount? Or is his agent just signing things without letting him know about it?

My opinion is souring daily. Yes it's business .... he should have known what was in the offer sheet and he allowed his agents to run amok in public. He hasn't signed the binding agreement now that the offer is matched. He and his agents took a chance on the offer sheet for a couple million more over the next 14 years and it's time to sign the contract.
I imagine the news of the amount the agent agreed too was out well before the actual dotted line was signed.

Most of the time you see "agreed to terms" and not "has signed". Regardless, you'd have to check with Weber as he's the one saying it, not me.

I think this is much about nothing situation. Just like the quotes from the agent, it went from saying "we wouldn't sign an offersheet if we didn't want to play there" to "Nashville sucks we can't wait to get out". Too much reading between the lions going on.....

Weber was told last season the arbitration was just the Predators using the tools of the CBA, Weber in turn did the same this season. Weber said all along he was told the Predators would match and had no doubt they would. I don't care much for his agents, though as they're a little shady but my opinion of Weber has not changed.

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