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08-14-2012, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
Couldn't you set the luxury tax at a lower spending limit than the mlb? That's still a substantial amount those teams are paying. Boston paid a higher luxury tax in years past. They cut back on their spending, probably, because of the luxury tax. Yankees have cut back too.

Bettman is the problem if he doesn't want to approach the bigger market teams for increased revenue sharing, though a team like CBJ doesn't deserve it.

And CBJ's poor management was kind of my point. Bettman wanted parody in the league. Yet the salary cap hasn't helped a team like CBJ at all because they are unstable in management and player development. And I know that's not the only reason the cap was put in place. I know it was put in place more for the benefit of the owners.

Lastly, RB, yes different teams have been winning the cup but of those teams how many are truly small market teams? Carolina for sure. Anaheim? The others are bigger market teams imo, team financials aside.
Even though Bettman probably wants that, I think you mean parity.

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