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Originally Posted by PhlyerPhanatic View Post
It's possible their recruiting practices were 100% inline with the league mandate, but their compensation packages were the only thing that overstepped the rules. Which is why I say...said player could have already agreed to play for the Spits, but they ponied up too much compensation and broke the rules of reward if you will. It's possible the only rule they broke was handing out gold education packages like Halloween candy and then trying to hide those packages. I'm not disputing their guilt.
Ok, I can concede that is one scenerio. However, there are many more scenerio's as to how things would be different for them compared to one maybe two that would not alter there roster or philosophy's. Again, this is all speculation without knowing the exact infraction or even the players involved. But the chances are their roster would have a different look than what it did.

edit: On second thought, even if mgmt was just giving out gold packages and trying to get away with it, if they played by the rules then they would have had to change their roster to accomidate another gold package. So I guess, yes you can say it would have a different look.

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