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08-14-2012, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Dats13DET View Post
I disagree with a large portion of this. Luongo is a choke artist and shouldn't be given the #1 Job in 2014. Lets look at his playoff performance in 2011.

Chicago series- Pretty shakey in this one at times. Pulled in games 4 and 5. Played a period of game 6. played solid in game 7.

Nashville series- He was way outdueled by Nashville's Pekka Rinne but he was solid. Please know that the Preds didn't have that great of an offence.

San Jose- Sharks are the biggest chokers in the entire league. It was a miracle that they got by The banged up Detroit Red Wings in round 2. He played well but sharks wern't much of a threat.

Cup Final- Just goes to show that he can't close the most important series and should be considered an ultimate choke artist. Ever hear the phrase "12 past luongo?" 12 goals on him in two games. In game 6, He let in 3 goals in 3 minutes and was pulled. Game 7 he let in 3 goals on 20 shots. Not good enough. Face it, He's a choker. I can't stress that enough.

To start 2012 with all that pressure to perform on him, He was once again shakey. It's an understatement to say that Luongo was bad. He played solid down the stretch that is until the pressure was put back on him in the playoffs. I'm sure you remember what happened to him in that series right? choke. choke. choke. choke. CHOKE.

I can argue that the 2010 Canadian team was one of the best teams ever assembled which obviously helped Luongo a lot. He played well against the Slovaks and again against the americans but mind you this was before the 2011 Playoffs where it pretty much started going down hill. He has choked in key moments ever since that gold. I don't trust him and neither does most of Canada. Luongo will probably be playing for Florida or Toronto in the future so his stats obviously won't be as good.

Also, We will have a 26 year old Carey Price. Price is already one of the best goaltenders in the league (Behind a few notable tendys of course) imagine him in two years. There is no doubt in my mind that If Carey Price shows up in the next two years and Luongo continues to be a choke artist, Good ol' C Price will lead Canada to Olympic Gold again.
It would be nice to have an intelligent conversation about Canada's roster, including goaltending, without people spewing biased media rhetoric, and a bunch of ******** like "choke choke choke"

If you want to use one standard to judge a goalie then at least be consistent. It's funny how you bash Luongo for TAKING HIS TEAM TO THE STANLEY CUP FINALS yet praise "Good Ol Carey Price" who hasn't done anything in the playoffs.

I'm glad Hockey Canada doesn't pick their teams based on the "fans" popular choices because then we would probably have Cam Ward starting in net. How's he done his last 2 international tournaments, or his last playoff series? and if you want to talk about the team they're on, then use that analysis both ways and look at all the deficiencies the Canucks had in the playoffs. It wasn't all on Luongo, the team in front of him was mentally weak and choked. Shutout on home ice in game 7 of he SCF tells you all you need to know about that team.

Like I said, Luongo will be on the team, and so will Price (barring injury of course). Luongo gets the de facto number 1 job based on past service as long as he's still a top goalie in the NHL, and assuming Price isn't pulling a Jonathan Quick. The real question should be who's number 3?

Last time it was Fleury and I would think he has the edge. However I wouldn't count out Holtby who has has looked very good in very limited NHL action. I wouldn't take Cam Ward, nor would I look at someone like Mike Smith unless he proves last year wasn't a fluke.

The Canucks will continue to suck until the day Benning, Weisbrod, Linden, and Desjardins are all fired.
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