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Originally Posted by jskramer83 View Post
More likely going to be doing this while you sit on your computer, and type about how you miss hockey and the players and owners are greedy.

Try standing up for something you care about, and stop getting pushed around. Otherwise you will never have your lunch money. I know it may not be for everybody, but for people who are old enough to have been through all of the lockouts it is frustrating, if you would have no interest in being involved just keep your negativity to yourself.
Your never going to do what you say, so why bother spouting fairy tales?

Cause let me tell you, the five people that will protest outside of the NHL store is going to make them rethink their stance?

Come on man.

Now if you want to say you want boycott the league, not spend a dime on attending games(nor merchandise) nor watching NHL games anymore. Fine, do it.

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